Hi! I'm Ellie.

I'm a travel content editor living in East London, and this is my little slice of the Internet for all the things I love the most (mainly travel, languages and food!).

Even though my day job involves writing about travel and occasionally the joys of social media and SEO, I can't seem to get enough! This blog began in 2013 as a travel blog about my life as an Auxiliar de Conversacion in Madrid, Spain but has continued through my subsequent time in a small town not far from Barcelona, a travel writing course in Berlin and now London, and all my travels in between.

Before I moved to Madrid, I spent a semester each studying in Paris and Valencia on my Erasmus year and firmly caught the living abroad bug. Since then, I've been in love with Spain and try and visit at least once a year. If you're here for the Spain chronicles, you can find a whole bunch of stuff here (including tips on being an language assistant!).

Now I'm in London, I enjoy exploring Shoreditch on the weekends and making the most of my annual leave to jet off to sunnier climes. Glad you found my blog, and hope you stick around :)

Ellie x

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