Hiring a Boat from Hvar

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Hiring a boat in Hvar was one of the best things we did in Croatia without a doubt. When you're looking out over water that blue and clear everyday, it makes it difficult to want to keep your feet on the ground! Hvar is also surrounded by loads of gorgeous islands and secluded coves that are best explored by boat, so it was perfect on all fronts.

We knew we were going to hire a boat from the start but we hadn't booked anything, so after a few days relaxing we made enquiries at the harbour at a few of the many boat hire companies. As we were there in September, it wasn't too busy but we did have to wait a few days for the waves to settle down as it was a bit blustery off the coast. FINALLY the day came though, and we were picked up in this luxury little number by a handsome skipper. 

Bol Beach on Brac Island

Above is the gorgeous beach of Bol on the island of Brac, which was our first stop on our island tour. It took around an hour to arrive here and it was extremely bumpy but also SO fun. We got absolutely soaked on the way there, hitting waves at extreme speeds - definitely come dressed for a soaking and with somewhere dry to keep your cameras and phones!

Boat Ride Hvar

Check out those poor petals in the back! Bit wet?

We relaxed for an hour on this gorgeous beach while our skipper parked the boat off the coast and presumably enjoyed a relaxing sunbathe (best job ever?).

Bol Beach, Brac

Bol Beach, Brac

Soon we were back on the boat and on to the next stop - a tour of the idyllic Pakleni Islands. We were supposed to visit the Blue Caves on our tour but unfortunately the waves were too strong for us to get close enough. Instead, our skipper was happy to take a detour and we stopped at some private coves along the way, with stunning turquoise water like this:

Pakleni Islands

Pakleni Islands Boat Trip

Check out those sexy rock shoes I'm wearing! If you want to step anywhere near a beach in Croatia, you'll definitely also want to purchase a pair - they'll protect you against sharp rocks, slippery seaweed and maybe even the gentle touch of a sea urchin...although it's worth looking out for those anyway if you don't want to end up with a spiky foot. You might not look too stylish but, trust me, you don't your holiday ruined by a pesky sea urchin.

Pakleni Islands Boat Trip

These small boats are perfect for groups of our size (8); there's enough space to spread out and everyone got a seat. There was also a cool box to keep our water, sandwiches and, most importantly, beers cold.

Pakleni Islands Boat Trip

Our helpful skipper also provided us with some snorkel masks which, although pretty fun, allowed us to see exactly one fish. They'd obviously heard us coming and scarpered.

Pakleni Islands Boat Trip Snorkeling

Pakleni Islands Boat Trip Gopro

Hungarian Vizsla

We hopped back on the boat and headed to our last stop of Pamizana and the lovely Laganini Lounge Bar where we sipped cocktails with the well-dressed locals and this gorgeous little fella!

This adorable little dog is the bar mascot and he loves a drink as much as we do. This little booze hound insisted on sticking his nose in the prosecco as soon as it arrived - so obviously we loved him and weren't happy unless he was clambering all over our laps.

Back on the boat, the sun began to set and we lapped up the last relaxing moments on the boat. Until, that is, our skipper decided to put his foot down and show us how he drives 'without passengers'. Turns out the bumpy ride at the start was a pretty relaxing sail in his eyes and I was swiftly in need of a spine transplant. 

Hvar Boat Trip

Hvar Boat Trip

I would definitely recommend hiring a boat if you're visiting Hvar, it will probably be one of the best days of your holiday! We hired ours from the port for £35 each for the whole day (£280 or 2800HKN) which included a skipper and the petrol too. You can hire small boats with just a drivers license and drive them yourself but for us, it was much better to have a skipper with us to show us the best places and navigate the fierce waves. 

Have you visited Hvar? What was the best day of your trip?

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