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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Well this is the post I never thought I'd have the privilege of writing! As a seasoned Ryanair customer who once nearly turned down a free cup of tea on a Scandinavian airways flight thinking I'd have to pay for it, I didn't think I'd ever experience the joy of finding out what it's like to fly club class with BA. But here I am, thanks to my recent work trip and a stroke or twelve of good luck.

So am I converted? Well, let's see what you get first. 

The biggest selling point for club class in my opinion is the ability to lie out completely flat at the push of a button. Leg room isn't too much of an issue for me in general, but on a 12 hour flight, the ability to lie out and stretch is a total godsend. This, coupled with a cosy blanket (which I promptly spilled gin down) makes for a pretty excellent little sleeping arrangement. 

OK so I was pretty gleeful about just getting a blanket and a bit of space so imagine my delight when I was offered a glass of champagne to kill the time while we were waiting for take off. Although this does tend to coincide with everyone walking past you in to economy so it can get fairly awkward...especially as I looked at the people in First with narrowed eyes as I passed by the champagne sippers on my flight to New York 2 months ago.

After we were up in the air and cruising, I hunkered down to watch some films and read a selection of newspapers because I couldn't decide which one I wanted. It was blissful, and before I'd even blinked nearly 2 hours had gone by. 

I have always dreaded meal times on planes and tend to just munch my way through a family size bag of peanut m&ms and invariably feel like sugary death on the other side.

But when meal times look like this, I'd happily throw my peanut m&ms into oblivion.

Lemon soaked salmon with fresh warm bread and salad for starters, southern fried chicken salad for main, all rounded off with rhubarb tart with raspberry coulis. Heaven at 35,000 feet. This is better food that  I order in a restaurant, which is fairly embarrassing. 

We then had around 6 hours of the flight to watch films or sleep with dimmed lights to help you adjust to the time difference. I experienced absolutely zero jet lag both ways on the flight which is a huge bonus and a stark contrast to my last long haul flight when I came home, collapsed into my bed for an hour, emerged groggy to work from home and basically felt like dying for the next 2 days. Anything to avoid that again! 

Later on we received afternoon tea with finger sandwiches and a selection of tiny cakes and jams...

Quite simply, the food was incredible. It does make you wonder how the food can taste so awful on other flights if this is what they're capable of...I mean, if you can give a freshly cooked bacon roll with ketchup to customers in first class, why can't we have something a little more appetizing than an insipid mozzarella and tomato wrap in economy? (Talking to you American Airlines).

Other great things about First:

1) Access to the first class lounge, where you can load up on free pour spirits, champagne, delicious breakfast food, free WiFi and even a spa treatment if you have enough time! If you're trying to justify the price to someone, maybe all that will help.

2) Free drinks on board (gin and tonic spilling into your lap during light turbulence optional)

3) Goodie bag with eye mask, toothbrush, hand cream, face cream and some pretty fetching flight socks.

And, I've saved the best for last...

4) FREE CHOCOLATE CUPBOARD. Yep. I had come prepared with my traditional bag of m&ms but they remained firmly in my bag as you can raid the chocolate cupboard whenever you like. If that's not worth paying double for something, I really don't know what is.

So I am 100% converted. Unfortunately, my bank balance has not been converted into that of an Arabian sheikh so I will be remaining firmly in economy for the foreseeable future. For a special occasion though, I am absolutely think it's worth splashing the cash for and arriving in style. 

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