Caboose, London

Saturday, April 11, 2015

OK so remember I said we, meaning my flatmates and I, were going to start a a pay day tradition of going somewhere a bit fancier than the usual and that I would probably write about it too? 

Yeah...good one Ellie! Managed about 1 post didn't I. Hopefully I can make it up with today's..a trip to the incredible Caboose off Brick Lane.

OK so admittedly I've been doing all the eating and just not much of the writing. So let's take it back a little bit. It's the beginning of March; February has blessed us with a short month and an early pay day so we're all pretty happy when March blooms, and we can build on last month's Hawksmoor success. The venue of choice this time? Caboose, ya goose.

Caboose is a posh burger van by day, snuggly faux train carriage by night. This decked out wooden cabin is available for private parties of 8-12 people, with 2 personal chefs and BYOB positively encouraged. We filled up the ice bucket and settled in for the evening.

We booked the cabin from 8 onwards and had the place all to ourselves until 11, juuuust about enough time to enjoy 3 courses and make the most of the BYOB policy I reckon. 

After some friendly introductions from the chefs in the kitchen next door to us, the starter was quickly brought out: a selection of cured cheeses and meats and quince jelly. I loooove quince jelly, so I was pretty darn happy to see that. Really strong cheeses are another matter, but they seemed to go down pretty well with the rest of the Caboose riders.

For the main course, there are a choice of 3 burgers: the pulled pork Fat Controller burger with homemade barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese, the 3:10 to Yuma burger, shredded beef with blue cheese sauce OR the Derailer burger, a combo of the other two with hot pickles and a choice of cheddar or blue cheese topping. Everyone quickly stuck up their hands for The Derailer and the Caboose started to smell quite delightful.

It comes in a soft brioche bun, stuffed with slow cooked meat and dripping with home made barbecue sauce. On the side, there's soft garlic mash, spicy homemade baked beans with a kick and maple syrup 'slaw.

The burgers were top notch, and I don't use that expression lightly. I think we all died a little and went to burger heaven. The maple flavoured coleslaw wasn't what I expected, it was kind of like a sweet beetroot salad, but it was delicious none the less. The beans were good, if a little bit spicy for my liking, but the real let down was the mash. If I said the Caboose smelt delightful before, it quickly became perfumed with some pretty strong garlic breath as we unleashed the clasps on our mash jars and tucked in. Good lord was there garlic. Not recommended for a date situation. 

I was personally thrilled when dessert came out and it turned out to be two gorgeous brownies accompanied by coffee ice cream. A perfectly sticky regular brownie was accompanied by a cranberry flecked brownie, and everyone who and given up chocolate for lent suddenly realised the futility of their pledge. 

If you're looking to be treated special one night with your closest 8-12 buddies, Caboose is the place to be. Where else in London can you be the only people in a restaurant on a Saturday night?! It's worth the money for that luxury alone in my book. 

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