Tacombi at Fonda Nolita, New York

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Do you know what's really bad? When your friend says "Oh I know this great place for tacos tonight!", and you all walk in, and exclaim loudly...."Oh I recognize this place from a blog!". Sometimes I just really do outdo myself in the cool stakes. 

But I did recognize it! There aren't many taco places built in a garage strung with fairly lights, with a VW camper van parked up and advertising a Happy Hour in the world are there?

Fresh from the cool air outside, Tacombi was like a big warm hug. Exposed bulbs provided some romantic mood lighting for our Monday night girls night and the waitress was quick to whip us up a jug of fresh white sangria and a plate of crunchy nachos and silky smooth guacamole.

^ Creepy red devil face ahah. We went for the white sangria as a little throwback to our holiday in Denia (I even wrote down the recipe here!), but huge barrels of agua fresca were also calling us temptingly from the bar.

Photo quality unfortunately sacrificed as a result of this sexy lighting but...here they are! The main event themselves. Apparently the thing to try here is the fish taco so, not being one to ignore a hot taco tip, I went for that (top right) the pork belly and the classic quesadilla - with chicken and Chihuahua cheese! Hopefully from the Chihuahua region....

The fish was a great shout, all crispy and sweet. But my favourite by far was the quesadilla, even if that is not the thing I'm supposed to say. I'm just a cheese fiend and that thing made all my dreams come true.

We all wanted to try the fish, but another hot pick was the barbacoa (top right below) which, although unphotogenic, was stuffed to the gills with smoky delicious meat.

The great thing about this place is that each taco comes with 2 tortillas and enough filling for both. So you order 3 but really end up with 6 and a terrible case of taco baby. Plenty of time to admire the surroundings as you recover though.

You can find this branch at 267 Elizabeth Street, and here's the menu. Taco 'bout a good find! (Sorry). 

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