Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I just can't seem to keep away. 

And really, can you blame me? A much discussed, anticipated and enjoyed long weekend in Salamanca breezed passed us lazily in January, filled with friends, cañas, bocadillos de jamón and much tripping over cobblestones. 

We were hooked up in this hostel with incredible views over Plaza Mayor from a private balcony (Gary Barlow fan not included).

We weren't expecting much, at £11 each a night for a 4-person private room with bathroom, but we couldn't have asked for more. We're a long way from London, kids. 

Breakfast wasn't included, and frankly we were delighted! This meant we could race down to Café Paris at 12 each morning, as the confused owner opened up shop and we all scrambled in to fight over the few banana and chocolate croissants. That man clearly doesn't realize the power he exerts over us. 

If someone's pushed you in a puddle to get their hands on the last banana chocolate one, don't despair. Well, despair a bit. But then pick yourself up and go for the cream cheese raspberry or the chocolate and mandarin, with real mandarin pieces tucked inside. Almost as good!

If you can tear yourself away one morning though, the chocolate con churros at Valor is a must.

They're not too sweet because they're not caked in sugar like most, but the hot chocolate is thick and just sweet enough for an early morning. 

Fully fuelled up on sugar (a bit too buzzing to be honest) and wrapped in more layers than it should be legal to have to wear in Spain, Spanish Irene lead the troops on a historical tour of Salamanca. By far my favourite thing in this city stuffed with inside jokes and salutes to the past is this little fellow below.

An astronaut chilling out on the facade of a Gothic cathedral. A cheeky little reference to the 20th century on the restoration to the door carvings.

Everywhere you turn in Salamanca there's another stunning photo opportunity. This is the faculty of modern languages, for goodness sake! That would maybe make a 9 am seminar worth waking up for...maybe. 

Long shadows stretch over winding narrow streets, with a Gothic cathedral or a 16th century tower looming in the distance. It really is just a magical place.

Four visits and it still wows me every time! Dan just can't get over it.

And I just can't stop taking pictures of it.

Although unfortunately all the photos on the Nikon came out double or, in some miraculous cases, triple exposed my career as an amateur film photographer came to a swift and abrupt end in Snappy Snaps. Sob! Any hints film camera buffs?

Psst! If you want to read a more detailed account on stuff to do in Salamanca, check out this post.

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