Haché, London

Monday, February 09, 2015

I had a really weird burger on Thursday.

I know, I know....stop the press!!!!! But seriously. If my colleagues and everyone I've come into contact with in the last 4 days has to hear about it then so do you.

Haché is a cracking little burger place, like a more sophisticated but no less delicious older sister to Honest Burger (I still love you Honest Burger). There's more choice than you could shake a stick at; from the French-inspired reblochon cheese burger, to a spicy sounding Mexican jobby, to a juicy aromatic duck burger with spring onions. After much umming and ahhing, Craig went for the pulled pork on a brioche bun and topped with crunchy onion rings while I went for the...

wait for it....
the peanut butter burger. 

Presenting: The Lousiana. Brioche bottom, crunchy onions, perfectly cooked rare beef burger, PEANUT BUTTER, cheddar cheese and a brioche bun hat. 

*Gasps*. Not the most beautiful of burgers, but one of the best flavour combos I've tasted squished between brioche. I snuck a bite of the pulled pork burger too, and in a London where you can't bloody move for people filling things with pulled pork, it's a phenomenal feat of food engineering.

To accompany the burgers we plumped for the sweet potato fries, (perfectly crispy and melt in the mouth-y) and a side of potato wedges with dips. I was pleasantly stuffed and a bit tipsy on wine when we left the warm and cozy restaurant into the shock of the currently frigidly cold London. We were lining our stomach for a weekend of drinking, which I'm fairly sure is the rule?

We spent the following evening drinking cocktails and gin and tonics in Apples and Pears on Brick Lane, which I have also been shouting from the rooftops about. Friendly bar staff, incredible old school hip hop and RnB music AND you can even get in the place, which is always a miracle at the weekend anywhere round here. Check it out!

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