Schwarzwaldstuben, Berlin

Sunday, January 25, 2015

I didn't mention it at the time, because I was a little snowed under with moving and work and all the other life things that inevitably seems to happen all at once, but in October I took my boyfriend to Berlin for a birthday treat! Back to Berlin for me, first time for him.

We trod through plenty of my old stomping grounds, but I was most excited to pay a return visit to Schwarzwaldstuben restaurant and faceplant some Kassspetzel. After a few portions of currywurst, kebab and pizza eaten with a plastic knife and fork, I was so ready for a sit down, splash out meal.

Look at that grin! That grin says..."yay, salad, my old friend".

But the main event was the noodly, cheesy kasspatzel topped with crispy onions...not a bratwurst in sight!

Craig went for pork schnitzel with fried potatoes and cucumber salad. Traditional and delicious! A good one of these is as much of a must-try as a currywurst when you're in Germany. (Or if you're in London, Boopshi's do a pretty spectacular version themselves).

It was splash out in comparison to a €3 currywurst, but still under €20 each...long live those Berlin prices!

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