Hawksmoor, London

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Let's start a thing. Everyone loves a thing!

Pay-day-lets-go-eat-somewhere-we-can't-normally-afford-thing. Just give me time to work on the title and it will be a bonafide thing.

We recently moved to Shoreditch, which is incredible: Spitalfields and brick lane on our door step, walking to work, and my new favourite pub The Crowne and Shuttle just a hop skip and a jump from our front door. If you're not familiar with London, we are pretty trendy nowadays. 

On my (what feels like) twice daily scurries to Spitalfields to admire the overflowing stalls of turquoise jewellery and the creative spoils of London's best market stall holders, I walk past a hulking black-painted restaurant where you can't really see in unless you press your nose against the window. Don't do that though, it's full of posh people eating delicious steak, and they will judge you. Hawksmoor. What a perfect place to start my THING.

We scurried in and took a seat at the back. It's all exposed brick and mood lighting, the kind of place where you need a giant glass of red wine as an accessory. The waitress was so sweet and helpfully took the time to walk us through the menu. Our first question: soooo how many grams of steak does one need? 

^ Should have done our research face?

Turns out about 250g per person is about right, so once we'd done the maths, I trotted over to the black board which has a chalk written list of all the steaks they have in that day. You have to pick a steak from this board so we went for a 1kg T-Bone steak between the 4 of us. Luckily, we all wanted the steak rare so this worked out just perfect!

So what does 1kg of T-Bone steak look like?...

Come to mama!

Much as I would have liked to just eat steak all night, we thought it would be civilized to go for some sides too. The macaroni cheese proved to be the most photogenic.

...but all laid out on the plate, I must admit, I felt a frisson of excitement.

Rare steak, creamy macaroni cheese, buttery sprout tops (first time I've tried them and oh GOD I don't know if it was the butter but they were tasty), and finally some crispy, golden triple cooked chips.

All smothered in some garlic butter, of course.

We polished up our plates and the forks even came out to attack the bones.

The waitress had obviously done a great job of making us feel at home because then this happened...

You can take the kids out of Mile End...

Verdict? The first pay-day-lets-go-eat-somewhere-we-can't-normally-afford-thing was a resounding success. Best meal I've had in London...until next pay day?

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