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Friday, October 17, 2014

It was a rainy Monday. My hair was ruined by the time I reached the end of my street and I slipped and slided down the stairs into the Tube full of Monday blues. And reds and purples and yellows. 

It's days like this where I miss sunny Spain the most. And then I remind myself, 'oh hang on, it tipped it down with rain all weekend in San Sebastian'. But you know what? At least there were pintxos! So when Rachel suggested we tried out Pix that evening, I pulled my coat over my head, joined the hoards cowering under their umbrellas and jumped happily through the puddles in my new suede boots to central London. 

Pintxos are tapas' less popular little sister. They are most commonly found in the north of Spain, in the Basque county, where the weather could give London a run for its money. Most pintxos come served on small bits of bread and they're ALL pierced on a wooden toothpick and presented beautifully on the bar like so.

At PIX, the big skewers are £2.95 and the small ones are £1.95. You chuck all the sticks in a jar at the end and settle the bill that way. Clever huh?

I am uncharacteristically adventurous when it comes to Spanish food and always grab the fishy stuff. Prefer it to have eyes, but it's not a deal breaker. My big skewer winner was therefore the boquerones (anchovies) served in salt and oily vinegar.

They're an acquired taste, and you half expect them to start wriggling away as you eat them, but I promise they are delicious once you get over what ugly little critters they are.

After eyeing up the fig and goat cheese pintxo, I decided the best way to judge a Spanish restaurant was on the integrity of its tortilla. There were two types, normal, on a small skewer, and gastro pintxo sweet potato and spinach tortilla being held up by a sturdy large skewer. I went traditional, with the ordinary old potato and onion variety being given a trendy facelift. Perfecto.

Finally, throw away the Fosters and get the Estrellas in. Monday blues officially eaten away.

Now, just got to find another Spanish place to get me through Tuesdays. Any ideas?

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