Moving to London

Friday, September 05, 2014

Well, I've decided to make it a hattrick of capital cities in the last 3 years and I'm finally moving to London. *mini wave of celebration wooo*. I say finally because I have been searching for jobs (in a leisurely way, I must admit) for the last 6 months and when I eventually got the call it was definitely a silent fist pump moment followed by a rather undignified jiggle dance.

Why did I want to move to London? Well, to begin with, my sister, boyfriend, lots and I mean lots of my friends live here, probably for the same reasons as I want to live here: the job opportunities are much better, there's loads to do and there's an almost infinite amount of places to explore. I'm also excited to be a ten minute walk from my boyfriend rather than the current two hour journey one of us takes each weekend to be together. No more spending every other Friday and Sunday on a train; that is definitely something to celebrate!

I've found somewhere to live in East London thanks to which, compared to Gumtree, was a haven of scam free flats with actual windows and living rooms. When deciding where to live, I found this amazing site which maps the cheapest area for you to live based on the length of the commute you're willing to take. Genius, huh?! It only seems to take into account tube routes so it might also be worth planning the journey on the City Mapper app to see if there's a handy bus route...but it's definitely a good place to start.

I was really tempted by Brixton/Clapham as well, which seems to still have a few affordable rooms despite all the trendies flocking there. In the end though, the call from the East was just too strong. So here I am, and already planning Sundays filled with trendy coffees on Roman Road and Columbia Road flower market. Can't wait!

Saying goodbye to Leicester, the city I have lived in on and off since I moved there for University in 2008 was quietly anti-climatic in all the excitement but there are lots of things I will miss!

My beautiful Raleigh bike which I rode to work everyday...

through the tree lined park...

Barceloneta, my favourite restaurant in Leicester and possibly THE WORLD.Oh and my lovely friends of course. But hopefully I will see them again. I'm not sure i'll ever see that chorizo in red wine ever again on the other hand...

I'm looking for some new London blogs to pore over! Send me your links, I'm already running out of recommendations from The Londoner...

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