Meat Mission 3 Chili Challenge.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

You know when you see those eating challenges on the TV, or even on the menu of the restaurant you're about to eat at, and think, who does those?

These two. That's who.

Meat Liquor, or Meat Mission (I'm not exactly sure abut the two names thing), is another one of London's burger big dawgs, serving a smallish menu of burgers, hotdogs and sides aongside an extensive menu of cocktails. 

Although the outside doesn't reveal much, you step into a moody dark lit room, where slaughterhouse meats (geddit) altar of worship. 

If you can tear yourself away from your burger, see if you can find this random sarcastic owl. 

We clambered up on to high stools and started psyching out the boys immediately. The Meat Mission three chili challenge goes as such: 1 chili cheeseburger, 1 chili hot dog and a plate of chili chips. In 10 minutes. I was 95% convinced that they couldn't do it but apparently the success rate for this challenge is 1 in 5 - a glimmer of hope was out there.

Until it arrived.

Chili cheeseburger? No problem. Chili hotdog? Hmm looks pretty big but hey I like hotdogs. Chili chips? OH GOOD GOD HOW BIG IS THAT PLATE. I think this is the fear....

One of the lovely Meat Mission staff sit with you to time the challenge, and normally there's a megaphone to cause further pressure and embarrassment but to all our great relief, it was broken that day. As we chatted away about the success rate of the challenge and took polite, normal sized bites out of our burgers, the boys began shoveling in food like it was the last meal they'd ever eat.

Apparently, the trick is to tip out the bowl of chips onto your tray because the bowl is so densely packed it's hard to get your fork through it. Sounds lovely doesn't it?

For the first 8 minutes, it seemed to be going quite well. Billy in particular had demolished the burger and hotdog and only had his chips to work on. Craig was dividing his time between all elements and still had a worrying amount of bread to consume but was getting there. The rest of the bread was mainly situated in the beard at this point.

After 9 minutes, both the boys started to look defeated, picking at individual chips and I started to feel guilty for my lack of support. One last burst of support might do it?

They tried so hard, but alas, it just wasn't meant to be. Narrowly avoiding face planting the plate, defeat was declared and the gannets descended on the leftovers. Just one bite of the chips left me reaching for my drink; this is definitely not a challenge for the fair of tastebuds. However, I am still confident it's possible.

Onwards and upwards boys? Any recommendations for some other food challenges in London for these chili champs?

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