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Saturday, September 27, 2014

My post about the Columbia Road flower market surely can't be the last time I wrote a blog post can it...?! I somehow don't think that it would take much to form a connection between that fact and the fact that I started my new job the day after.

It's definitely been a busy few weeks since I moved here, which is a huge contrast to my sleepy lifestyle in Leicester, where I cycled home from work every day at half 4 on the dot. Bliss. Over the last three weeks I have formed some pretty intimate connections with my fellow District Liners (as I like to call them), those smart folks who see the bundle onto the central line and just think..."nah, it's not for me". If you're getting the central line at half 8 in the morning, you're either mad, or very, very late. Or lonely. But please continue, I want to keep the District Liners a fairly exclusive club.

So the commuting has been a bit of a shock to the system but it's all been worth it so far. I'm really enjoying my new job at Expedia, although not relishing being the awkward new kid. Coming from a place with 2 and a half employees to over a 1,000 has been a bit of a change, to say the least. I genuinely felt like Lindsey Lohan in Mean Girls. I wanted to chat to everyone in the kitchen but now get the impression that teams don't mix too much, it just doesn't happen. So they probably thought I was really weird. "Content? Oh I'm in finance *grabs their tea and makes a dash for it*". Persistence is key though, and I no longer spend my lunch scrolling through my iPhone crying into my Pret a Manger sandwich (hence my absence from all forms of everything).

Other things have happened in the last three week, but this is getting a bit dear diary for my liking. Normal service will resume shortly, I hope.

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