Honest Burger

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

I have an unexpected week off work to explore my new stomping ground before I start my new job. It's unexpected, as I was supposed to be starting the 1st September but unfortunately my paperwork from Spain is taking a little longer than it should have done (surprise surprise!) so I've had to wait until next week to start work. I guess i'll cope...

There's been many laden down trips moving my things from my boyfriend's flat to my own over the last couple of days (still not finished) so I needed some lunch time escape from the pack, drag, unpack cycle. I had worked up quite an appetite and some serious guns so I felt a burger for lunch was in order. I had heard some seriously good things about Honest Burger, so we skipped over to Soho this sunny lunch time. 

I was scared of the hype but Honest Burger lived up to it with every juicy bite and rosemary salted chip. I went for the cheeseburger, topped with cheddar cheese and onion relish while Craig went for the Special - a spicy burger topped with jalapeno purée (my nightmare).

We swooped in and grabbed a seat outside in the sunshine; I sipped on my super trendy homemade lemonade while Craig tried the new malty steam beer (lemonade was a good choice).

When the food came, I took a huge bite out of the burger and swiftly proclaimed it the best burger I've ever eaten. It is so soft and melt in your mouth good; it completely knocks the recent Byron Burger I had out of the park. The salted rosemary chips were also much more exciting than the skinny fries I'd seen over there.

I kind of feel like I might need to give up my search for the best burger in London...but then I d still have Patty n Bun to try...

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