Columbia Road Flower Market

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Columbia Road flower market is not exactly London's best kept secret. Every Sunday flocks of people squeeze themselves onto this picturesque old road in East London in search of some floral bargains and a rummage around the nik-nak shops which lay behind the overflowing stalls.

We browsed the stalls, comparing prices and eyeing up the best bunches. We were eventually spat out by the crowd at the other end and decided to make our way back to the start, dipping our way in and out of the shops. Although pretty expensive, the shops are full of beautiful recycled and vintage items with a fairly frequent gardening theme. We made a pretty hefty inventory of all the things we'll eventually buy when we're in our own beautiful London homes with gorgeous grassy gardens (ahem) and scampered away.

We decided to brave the crowds again and dived straight back in.

The boys, reluctant at first to visit anything as girly as a flower market, came away grinning with 4 chili plants for a fiver. Hopefully that means an end to that rather unappealing jar of jalapenos they've had in their fridge for the last 8 months.

I went for a big bunch of sunflowers wrapped up in brown paper for my new pad. I then proceeded to be really creepy in photos featuring them.

I just really love sunflowers OK.I also picked up some delicious strawberry mint and moroccan mint for my growing herb windowsill. They were slightly overshadowed by the sunflowers though, and were forced to remain in the plastic bag rather than feature in whimsical photography.

After a quick pint and a bagel. the market was starting to wind down.

After 3pm seems like a great time to arrive for a bargain, with plants being sold off for a pound. It also seemed to be marginally less busy so you could have a real good nosy around the blooms. I raced home to plonk my pretties on the dining room table. Lovely!

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