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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

I got a rather lovely tweet the other day from Susie Wellendorf at Snapshot Traveler, a lovely blog I've been reading recently stuffed with travel pics, telling me she had awarded my blog the "Liebster Award". The award is basically in recognition of small blogs that you enjoy reading but that need a little boost in the ol' followers department.

And, in turn, hopefully you can boost the profile of some other people's blogs that you're itching to tell people about.

Here's the idea:
  • Thank the blogger who gave it to you
  • Answer the eleven questions they ask you
  • Nominate more bloggers with less than 500 followers
  • Ask those bloggers your own questions
  • Let those bloggers know that they have been nominated 
So here are the questions Susie sent me...

1. Why did you start your travel blog?
I originally started a blog on my Erasmus year in Paris to keep a record of all the fun things I was doing and the interesting experiences I encountered every day. I posted it to Facebook and a couple of people read it, but it was mainly for me to keep a sort of "diary" of my year abroad. This blog started in May 2013 with a much slicker appearance as a collection of memories and photos from my time in Madrid.

2. What tips do you have for using social media platforms (i.e., Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest) to promote your blog?
Don't retweet something you haven't actually read. I know, it sounds obvious, but a tweet with a personal comment appended is much more interesting than re-tweeting a fellow bloggers link for the sake of it. 

3. How much time do you spend on your blog and how do you manage your time on it?
Blogging does take up quite a lot of time. When I'm being good, I try and post every other day, which means writing a bit most evenings, but this does sometimes prove difficult when you have a full time job! If I'm really passionate about the topic I'm writing about though, I can write blog posts fairly's uploading all the photos and making it look pretty that takes time! If you enjoy doing it though, it's just something fun to do in the evenings.

4. How do you decide on your content? Do you use an editorial calendar?
I'm not sure I'm quite so efficient in this area! I sometimes scan over my lasts posts and think well perhaps a restaurant post would be good now, but generally I just post them as they come to me! My blog covers quite a wide range of topics so it's easy to be flexible.

5. How do you define success with your blog?
Hits, baby! Just kidding, but it does make me happy to know one of my posts has been read by over a 1000 people all over the world. I also love it when people tweet me telling me how helpful my posts have been, or when my friends write to me and say oh I read your Bali post and now I really want to go! There's no point having load sof hits if no one's finding what you're writing at all interesting or helpful

6. What are your favorite resources for improving your blogging skills?
Every bloggers favourite resource is the Internet right? I quite often read other travel bloggers posts on the mechanism of travel blogging and how they got their breakthrough.Although it is quite intimidating when you hear about how much work they put in!

7.What’s your favorite part of traveling?
My favourite thing is when you're living abroad or spending a while somewhere, and you suddenly realise that you feel totally at home. You can do all the small stuff, like go round the corner to buy bread and navigate the transport system, but all the BIG stuff too like find somewhere to live and some people to hang out with. I always get this silly grin on my face when I finally get that realisation.

8. What is your favorite destination and why?
If you've read my blog before, you know that Spain holds a special place in my heart.It's not that glamorous or exotic, but I love it!

9. What’s your best travel advice?
Always have a plastic wallet full of photocopies of every document you've ever known or needed to know. Not very interesting as travel advice goes - but it's saved me a few times!

10. Where are you going next and why?
Brighton! Not abroad but a city I have wanted to see for aaaages. Cross your fingers that it's sunny for us.

11. What’s something interesting most people don’t know about you?
I just got a job at a travel company! And I think this blog might have had something to do with it! Read my post on why you should start a blog today and you might see why.
So that's enough about me!
My nominees are...*drumroll*
1) Peachy Sangria - Written by Elizabeth Locke, I love her funny take on living in Madrid as an English teaching assistant. One of the first blogs I ever followed!
2) Food, Love and Life Blog - Written by Jen, who posts stunning photos of life in Spain and now back home!
3) Sunshine and Olive Adventures - Written by lovely Lorena, who moved to Italy for love and is now taking on the BEDA programme in Madrid.
I propose the following 5 questions:
1) Why did you start your blog?
2) Who are your most loyal readers? 
3) Which social media do you prefer?
4) Where are you off to next?
5) Where do you see your blog going from here?
Nominees: Write to me and let me know when you've had a chance to answer your questions. You can tweet me @eleanorcobbe or leave a comment below....suerte!

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