Saturday in East London

Monday, July 21, 2014

I have recently been living a bit of a double life. Weekdays, I cycle to work every day, eat lots of healthy salads and jacket potatoes and hang out with my friends in Leicester (invariably watching rubbish TV which I pretend to hate but secretly, obviously, love). It's definitely a comfortable existence which I will miss if I ever move to London.

When Friday's roll round though, it's time to jump on the train to that big smoke and cheesy carb-filled weekends. The fact that I've just called it the big smoke provides you with exactly the right amount of information you need on how touristy I am in London. And there are many great things to do in East London on a sunny afternoon with the right touristy disposition.

So this weekend, after an obligatory Saturday morning snooze, we got up and headed out into the gorgeous London sunshine. It's been such a strange weekend for weather; alternating between scorching sunshine and torrential rain. Love Box festival goers were treated to an electrical storm to round off their day on Friday, but we got lucky on our sunny walk over to Brick Lane in search of milkshakes at Blitz Vintage on Saturday. Blitz have a selction of yummy looking cakes and fresh milkshakes for £3, with the peanut butter flavour being the definite favourite. Drinking milkshakes while scouring the book section, we managed to spend quite some time rummaging the nooks and crannies of the huge selection of items.

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After spending far too long browsing the books instead of the clothes, we decided to head over to Spitalfields market to while away some time until it was acceptable to get a beer. Spitalfields market is kind of the home to all the weird and wacky decorations and ornaments you wonder where on Earth people ever found, let alone purchased. You can probably pick up some bargain jewellery there but we left empty handed in search of some cold beers and outdoor seating at Boxpark after a short peruse.

But...heading round the corner, we stumbled across the Stoli lemonade van, which was handing out lemonade vodka sorbet for free. Thank you very much, London, I don't mind if I do.

Satisfied we had taken enough advantage of the free stuff, we finally made it to those cold beers we'd been waiting for since lunch time. I've never actually sat outside at Boxpark before, because I presumed it would be packed, but we easily found seats and felt pretty smug about it.

Rusty enjoyed an imaginary beer while we drank ours sensibly.

So that was Saturday. Well, mostly. I sort of intended this post to be about Homeslice Pizza in the evening and then got a bit carried away with the rest of the day...the sign of a perfect Saturday afternoon?

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