Revelling in the Cheapness of Accommodation in Bali

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I am trying not to get too excited.Unfortunately I am not one of those people who can not let an idea percolate slowly through their mind. Say things like "maybe we can meet in Indonesia" and you may as well have said "maybe we can go for walkies later" to an excitable puppy. Everyone knows you just. don't. do. it. So I'm always all aboard the excitable train with my ideas but this time I have to be sensible as a lot of things would need to work out to make this trip happen. And a lot of things would have to NOT work out to make this trip happen. Saying that....


I'm gone, it's too late for me. I spent breakfast browsing time on Airbnb looking at treehouses. Save yourselves. Or...get your tickets here for the excitable train! Toot toot.

So...I now have a favourite treehouse in Bali. It is £37 a night to stay here. Not each. Altogether. Being a huge Europhile, this took me some time to comprehend. We paid £42 a night for a cute little studio (emphasis on the little) in Barcelona which, though cute, did not have a pool.Or a four poster bed. Or gravel in the bathroom. But this is actually on the wildly expensive end for Bali.

If you want to save £8 a night, why don't you slum it in this rustic garden cabin?

Oh wait, that's gorgeous too. It also has a pool. The only downside is that it is not a treehouse. But I think we can all agree to live with that for £29 a night, right? (not each, I hasten to emphasise once again).

Oh but you still want to save money? Exposed brick make you tick?

Good lord. I'm not sure if these places are actually getting better the more the cost goes down?! It doesn't have a pool this time, but it isn't far from the beach.

OK I'm struggling to make the slider go down any further but I do have one more bargain up my sleeve.And this one includes free breakfast!

OK, so this one doesn't have the wow factor of the others. But it's still well presented, has free breakfast and wifi and comes in at a whopping £11 a night.

These are all still high end options and I haven't even begun to look at hostels. Any advice from people who've been on the places places to stay in Bali? (That I can cry over if this trip doesn't happen?)

Psst! If you need a £15 off Airbnb code, follow this link.

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