My Perfect Spanish Roadtrip (Andalucia Version)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

If you are joining us from the East Coast version of the road trip, well heck you've had a long drive! And you've probably seen a lot of things you wish you could unsee on the road past Benidorm. But don't worry chicos, you're in the land of "traditional" Spain... and Flamenco and free tapas are in abundance! Strictly no full English breakfasts to be found here. Just rows and rows and rows of beautiful olive tree lined countryside. 

Granada - 2/3 days

First stop on the road trip is arguably the most beautiful city in Spain, home to the breath taking Alhambra Palace. You can read a full post with details of accom etc in Granada here but a short roundup would be: stay at the hostel we stayed at, it was beautiful, new and had parking, eat at Bar Poe at least once and most importantly, DON'T BE AN IDIOT AND FORGET TO BOOK THE ALHAMBRA. Like I did.

Nerja - 1 day

Nerja itself is not a beautiful place. It's very touristy and feels pretty souless in parts. BUT. It does have some cracking beaches. El Canuelo beach (pictured below) is like a slice of paradise for road trippers because it's off the beaten track so you won't be inundated with tourists. We had the beach almost entirely to ourselves.

Ronda -1 day

Ronda is unfortunately not somewhere I've managed to visit yet so it would definitely be on my road trip itinerary. I found this image on Pinterest and have firmly pinned a number of pictures from Ronda to my Spain board - my most loved board! Ronda is a gorgeous small town filled to busting with Roman ancient ruins and definitely worth a day's visit.

Cadiz - 1 day

The owner of this photo on Pinterest has captioned it "Precioso Cadiz! una ciudad a orillas del mar que me robo otro pedacito del corazon!" (Beautiful Cadiz. A seaside city which stole a little section of my heart).

Enough said.

Sevilla -2/3 days

Ahhhh Sevilla. Can I also call this the most beautiful city in Spain? I can't decide OK!? Too much pressure. I took the photo below at probably one of the most photographed spots in Spain but I still had a go at getting "that" shot. I went to Seville in 2011 and stayed with a friend so unfortunately I don't have a handy blog post about it but the must do thing is to see a Flamenco show while you're there.

Córdoba - 1 day

Again I've had to source this image on Pinterest because I never quite made it to see the beautiful Great Mosque of Córdoba but I would love to spend a day wondering around this quaint little moorish city.

So we've concluded 10 days touring beautiful Andalucia, so where to next? I'd say it's onwards and upwards towards Madrid...wouldn't you?

Here are a couple of tips for making your car renting experience a pleasant one in Spain:

1) Use a credit card, if you have one. Otherwise you're likely to be charged a non-refundable 30€ fee.

2) Always rent from places that give you a full tank of petrol and expect a full tank back rather than empty to empty. It is almost impossible to return a car with 1 drop of petrol and can make for an extremely nerve racking journey home.

3) Be over 25. If you are, renting will be much cheaper, so try and find an old guy to drive you. (Just kidding)

4) Learn to drive a manual car if you're American. Much cheaper to rent!

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