Homeslice Pizza, London

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I have been wanting to try this place for aaaaaages. Ever since The Londoner blogged about it in July last year I have been banging on about trying it out. And I finally convinced Craig to go, or rather he heard from a colleague that it was good and decided to inform me we should go. Good.

Homeslice is in Convent Garden and therefore busy busy. It's definitely got a charming location though, tucked into a little alleyway off Neal's Yard just behind bustling Tottenham Court Road. We had a little bit of time to appreciate the surroundings as we waited for our table. They are good enough to call you when your table is ready so you don't have to queue but can just meander around the colourful streets.

We waited a teeny 20 mins for a seat and were then quickly tucked in between a family of three sharing a ginormous half and half pizza and a couple who clearly couldn't decide on flavours and had gone for the many slice option. The seating is pretty cosy (i'm not just a nosy diner) with the pizzas barely fitting on the table but it would be a great atmosphere for a date where you weren't sure if there would be lots of awkward silences. A Tinder date, shall we call it. 

The menu changes all the time so it's written on boards strategically located around the restaurant. Semi strategically at least. One quick shared look over the table decided we'd get a half an half 20 inch pizza for the two of us, no matter what the neighbours were doing. We're no suckers. I went for the salami, rocket and parmesan while Craig chose the pulled pork, radish and mint pesto. It was a meaty affair!

We were pretty famished from our jaunt around east London and had only had a milkshake to sustain us all day, poor petals. So we were pretty hungry and kept craning our necks for a view of the huge wood fire they cooked the pizzas in. We decided to make a start on the wine for some sustenance. Wine comes in giant cooled magnums and there are only 4 choices: white, rosé, red or prosecco. They measure how much you have drunk when you come to pay the bill, using an old fashioned wooden ruler. It all looks very cool, but just to warn you, see that little glass in the picture below? We had one of those each, not filled to the top, and were charged £10. So go steady!

But enough about the wine, the main event is clearly the pizza and it definitely put on a show.

It looked almost too good to eat, but c'mon. We were hungry.

The pizza itself was pretty tasty but the toppings are a slightly acquired taste I would say. The pulled pork was incredible and the mint pesto gave it, to me, a slightly unusual Asian inspired flavour. It was all slightly underwhelming after the hype though to be completely honest. We did however, mostly thanks to Craig, finish the entire thing. So that's a good review in itself.

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