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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

I haven't actually been employed by the Italian tourist board to promote it's most beautiful destinations, although it may appear otherwise. If they do want to get in touch though, now would be a very good time.

I also haven't found any cheap flights or cheap accommodation, sorry. Rome in June is expensive, and unfortunately there's no way around that. But my friend Mary is going in four days, and I wanted to check it out myself. So what are the best things to do in Rome?

1. Vatican City

Duhhhh. And I would definitely walk up the hundreds of steps to get this shot too. An entire afternoon is recommended for the Vatican city and booking tours ahead advisable in high season. If you go on a Wednesday, you might get to see the Pope!

2. The Colosseum

Another obvious one, but did you know in Ancient times they used to flood the Colosseum and have navy-style battles in there?! Neither did I, but the internet is a wonderful place.

3. The Trevi Fountain

If you've been to Rome and you haven't had your photo taken in front of this fountain...what the bloody hell were you playing at?

4. The Spanish Steps

A bunch of steps this may be, but a beautiful bunch if I ever did see one.

5. The Pantheon

Every city worth its salt has a Pantheon but they don't all offer free admission!

Eating & Drinking

1. Da Felice a Tesstacio looks like a great place to eat tasty authentic pasta surrounded by locals. 
2. Any one of these places could satisfy your overpriced gelato craving.
3. Grab a light dinner and not so light slection of wines and beers at L'Oasi della Birra
4. Get your sugar fix and taste of a classic Italian Millefoglio at Pasticceria Andreotti
5. Shake off your London hipster and adopt an Italian twist at Frenzi e Frizioni

Things it's very, very important to do

1. Drink an affogato. That's a scoop of ice cream smothered in hot coffee to you and me.
2. Eat a pizza bigger than your face
3. Throw a penny in the Trevi fountain
4. Snap a sneaky photo of the ceiling of the Sistine chapel.
5. Walk until your feet can't remember feels anymore.

Hope this helps Mary, this is for allowing me to raid your wardrobe on the daily <3

And another great plus of doing this post is that I found this beautiful blog: Thanks for the inspiration!

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