Today I'm Dreaming of...Majorca

Monday, June 23, 2014

I haven't posted anything in a really long time. Not because I haven't wanted to, but because a combination of Google admin and Godaddy made me want to throw my laptop out the window. As I explained in a previous post, my domain name will remain like this for a while until I get the problem sorted. Until then, and if you enjoy reading my ramblings and wanderlust, you can make sure you don't lose me again by following me on BlogLovin'. This way, when I inevitably cause anther technical meltdown you'll know where I am (plus it makes me feel good).

Ok enough of that. Let's get down to the nitty gritty. Majorca.

Or should I say, let's get down to the fine white silky soft Mediterranean sand?

I'm already starting to get itchy feet for another holiday. Barcelona already seems like a different lifetime despite being just 6 short weeks ago.When I'm restless, my mind and keyboard turn to Skyscanner and Secret Escapes in the same way that I imagine other people turn to ASOS and Twitter. I start looking inquisitively at my bank account and cancelling direct debits will-nilly in an attempt to streamline my finances and tell myself that I don't need luxuries such as food (for a little while at least.)

On one of my all too frequent jaunts on Skyscanner recently, I found flights from London Stansted to Palma Majorca with RyanAir for just £52. The dates I'm looking at are the 1st - 9th September so prices have obviously dipped quite drastically from the summer season, where flights are £110 and up return. The summer season runs through til mid September in Majorca though, so you can enjoy all the high season activities without the endless throngs of tourists and the price hike.

Though Majorca does look absolutely gorgeous, and the beaches are some of the best in Europe, I wasn't sure at first if it would be the holiday for me. I love the beach, don't get me wrong. But you know what else I love? Activities! I can't lie on a beach for seven days straight without becoming seriously sunburnt and lethargic. Much as I love sunbathing, I just wasn't built for it physically or emotionally. Freckling becomes an issue, and the ants in my pants just aren't cut out for remaining horizontal with a book for hours on end. I'm the twenty four year old with the childs rubber ring and body board unfortunately. But that's ok - because it turns out that there's LOADS to do in Majorca.

Starting with diving.

I caught the diving bug working at Diving la Sirena in Summer 2012 and 13 where my lovely bosses were kind enough to let me take my PADI open water and advanced courses. And I am eternally grateful as it is something I might never have tried otherwise. Spain is a pretty expensive place in general to go diving but you know at least that your safety is key and that everything is rigorously checked (trust me!). Acqua Diving seem like the cheapest dive centre near Palma that I can find, with dives from around £35 with all your equipment booked in advance. And I definitely wouldn't pass up the chance to look this attractive in a wetsuit once again...

I would really love to meet a person who can pull off wearing flippers with style. If you're not a diver, there's still plenty of opportunities for snorkeling trips off the crystal blue coast.

There's also opportunities for hiking, cycling and caving apparently. None of these ideas sound like much sun in the scorching heat of August, but in September you're bound to have a cloudy day to take advantage of a bit of exercise.

I think the thing that most appeals to me abut Majorca though is the idea of exploring the different nooks and crannies and discovering beautiful beaches at every turn.

You can rent a car in Majorca for as little as £22 a day which would be an amazing way to go off the beaten track and see some of the more secluded beaches.

With accommodation from Airbnb at around £25 each/night for a private apartment with pool, I'm extreeemely tempted. Now, I just need to convince my boyfriend and friends to jump on the Majorca bandwagon too...and soon, because I'm sure those flights won't stay that way for long.

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