Tapas Night

Monday, June 09, 2014

It was supposed to be a very quiet weekend for me. I started the weekend rather ambitiously stating that I was not going to spend any money and would, instead, reacquaint myself with the gym where I have been sadly absent recently. I did make it to the gym a couple of times but after a very boring Friday evening I also found myself in the town centre on Sunday burying my face in a naked burrito box with two new tapas bowls at my feet. If you're going to fall off the wagon, at least do it properly.

In the depths of my boredom on Friday I found myself going through old photos from Spain. There was a bit of a food theme. Food and jumping energetically in front of sunsets. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Spanish food - I love it but my bikini body does not. Whenever I've been in Spain I've put on weight, which I choose to blame on the tapas and definitely not on my excessive consumption of beer and crisps. We decided to make our own tapas this weekend (I knew those bowls were a necessary purchase!), no measuring oil, no raised eyebrows at excessive saucing...just good clean Spanish fun.

I chose to make chorizo in red wine, probably the simplest thing you could choose to make. It's just chorizo chopped diagonally and fried in a big blob of olive oil with a shallot and a large clove of garlic.

When the shallot and garlic has softened, pour in 200ml of red wine and a big squirt of honey.

Leave to get all sticky.

Beautiful bowls hmm?

I also made a lemon feta dip for the bread. Recipe and photos of it looking beautiful here.

For all the points it doesn't win in a beauty contest, it cleans up in the taste test.

Anna knocked up this beautiful little number that almost too good to eat. (We ate it).

That's lemon chicken wearing a great selection of this seasons herbs and looking feisty. These characters were joined by a cracking Spanish omelette, salad and, in true Spanish fashion, bread and oil for dippin'.

Thank you Dan and Anna for being my constant boredom busters and for not getting angry when I won't let you eat your food before I take a photo of it. That is true friendship.

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