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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Devouring my "favourite pizza ever" last week in Barcelona made me think of my friend Rachel, who always told me that once you've had a pizza in Italy you will never be able to eat pizza with the same gusto again. Though I'm not sure I want to live in a world where I can't enjoy pizza, it did get me a-thinking about Italy and a blissful weekend of pizza eating.

I have heard that besides taking reels and reels of amusing photos next to the tower, there isn't much to see in Pisa. However, when I looked at a map, I realised it would be a great place to use as a base and get exploring. Florence, for example, is only around an hour away and would make a great place to visit for the day. I have a very vague memory of spending the day there when I was around 7, but it seems only the naughty statues made any impression on me and I'm quite sure there's more to Florence than that.

Oh, maybe not.

Source: here and Ponderation

Not far away, my friend Anna alerted me to the existence of a place called Cinque Terre which looks to be just about one of the most picturesque cluster of towns in the business.


So it seems I've been planning quite the weekend away. It's all hypothetical, but were I to have £250 to hand right now, this is how I would spend it.

Flights for just 12 days time (spontaneous is my middle name) are just £52. That's flying Ryanair Wednesday 11th June and returning Saturday the 14th Stansted - Pisa. So it definitely ticks the cheap flight box and even better, Pisa airport is exactly where it should Pisa! The bus to the city centre is apparently just a euro.

To find somewhere cheap to stay in Pisa I searched first (of course) and found this amazing apartment for just £58 a night. Great if you're a couple or group of friends looking for your own space. Since I've discovered airbnb, I haven't used hostels much but it may work out cheaper to stay here for £13.64 a night in the city centre.

The bus to Florence is 10€ return and to Cinque Terre the train is around 15€. If you were feeling super flush you could rent a car for the whole four days for £43. Why isn't car rental in England that cheap!? You could easily do all of this for under £250 so if you're feeling that itch to book something, scratch that itch I say!

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