Today I'm dreaming of...Fez

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Well not so much dreaming of but feeling a little nostalgic for the colourful, cloistered streets of Fez, Morroco. I spent two weeks travelling around various cities in Morocco four years ago, before my Erasmus year, and before I'd really caught the travel bug. Fez was a welcome relief from bargain basement Agadir and the scorching heat of Marrakesh. This city, more than traditional Marrakesh, lingers with me for it's beautiful dusty markets and winding, magical lanes.

Fez was the last stop on our trip before flying home, so we decided a little henna fun was in order...

It was also the perfect last stop for souvenir shopping and much less pressured than touristy Marrakesh. If you love everything from flip flops to pencil cases in real leather, you're in for a treat!

Why am I thinking about Fez today? Recently, my boss cooked us a delicious Spanish tapas feast and served it on beautiful blue and white china plates. They looked familiar, and when I asked her where they were from she said she brought them back from Fez. I was half hoping she was going to say Wilkos but this definitely makes more sense. I have never seen so much beautiful pottery in my life as I did in Fez, although lots of places in southern Spain are heavily influenced by Moroccan design. I wish I could go back with more than a 40l rucksack now and stock up!


And it's actually affordable, even on short notice. Flights for 2.5 weeks time (5th-8th June) are only £85! Ryanair, with their snazzy new Ryanair website, are offering return flights from London Stansted.

You can find the flights here. From the airport, you can catch the bus for 50p or share a taxi for around £9 for the whole car. No banks being broken here.

We stayed in a beautiful riad style hostel in the centre of the Medina, similar to this for just £11 a night including a traditional Moroccan breakfast of flat bread, honey and limitless peppermint tea.

Photos CJM and

A budget of £20 a day would be plenty enough, providing you steer well clear of the goods at the overpriced tanneries. Instead, enjoy the free view and then spend your day digging through the aladdin caves of treasure for a bargain and getting hopelessly lost.

Hungry? A three course meal at Thami's, where I had one of the most delicious steaks of my life, is just £5 (70dirham).

In need of some (intrepid) relaxation? Without a doubt, one of the best and weirdest things I experienced in Morocco was a scrub and massage at an authentic hammam. If you go with friends it's a true bonding experience. It will be the best couple of pounds you ever spend, I assure you.

Roundup for this weekend? £180 if you're not into souvenirs, £200 if you are. That's to fly to a different continent, please remember that.

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