Super Squidgy Brownies

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This is a recipe that I've had scribbled down on a piece of paper for years. I believe it is courtesy of my good friend Kat's food tech teacher so...thanks, mysterious creator of delicious brownies.

*Homer Simpson drool face*

OK so here's the recipe I have guarded with my life for the past four years. Please use it wisely. Distribute it freely. Enjoy it greedily.

225g Butter
100g Plain Chocolate
400g Sugar
4 Eggs
175g Plain Flour
1tsp Vanilla Essence
85g Milk Chocolate
50g White Chocolate

Firstly, melt the butter and plain and milk chocolate together and stir in the sugar slowly until you have an extremely unhealthy chocolatey potion.

When the mixture has cooled, beat in the eggs and flour and stir in the vanilla essence. Finally, smash up the white chocolate and chuck it in in large chunks.

Bake in a deep square baking tray for 40mins at 180c. Keep an eye on it though, and take them out just as they start to hold their own shape when cut. They continue to cook out of the oven and firm up as they cool but you want them soft and squidgy.

Even the photo is making me hungry...

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