Bad Blogger.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I've been putting off this post because there's nothing duller than reading about how someone hasn't updated their blog in a while, Ironically that's just making the situation worse though so hey ho here we go!

The reason I haven't is because I'm back in England and my life feels wholly unglamorous compared to the last 15 months. Even sleeping in Copenhagen airport seems exciting at this point!

But it's been 6 weeks now and it's time to rediscover my love for our beautiful fair isle. This morning I was walking to work and I noticed it was the first frost and I even kicked some autumn leaves up whimsically. The other day I was amazed by the sight of a conker. I'm pretty happy with my new warm coat and scarf from Zara. Winter's not so bad so far.

It's nice being back in Leicester too. It's not as exciting as Berlin, or Paris or Madrid but it feels like home.

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