Winterfeldplatz Farmers Market, Berlin

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Markets, markets everywheeeeere. So many in fact, we've had to split them up for reviewing purposes.

I think, personally, I hit the farmers market jackpot though. Every Saturday morning between 7am and 1pm loads of Turkish and Greek food stalls (among others) rock up to this square in the West of Berlin and set up shop. Stalls and stalls groaning with fresh products and barrels full of olives of every different variety you can imagine.

I don't even know what that is, but doesn't it look GOOD?

If you're feeling peckish and looking for some good street food, there's an abundance of options available to you. Fresh salmon sandwiches give way to cheap and cheerful currywurst stalls which, in turn, give way to traditional Turkish kebabs. 

If you're looking to stock up the fridge with fresh (but expensive) products, look no further! Again, I'm not exactly sure what I've taken a photo of here (really need to learn German...) but it impressed my anyway.

This is lots of cheese, that I know.

It's not just food though, handmade jewellery stalls line the square and colourful bouquets of flowers litter the street as you walk through.

If you want to go, take the U-Bahn to Nollendorfplatz and follow the crowds! And take me.

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