Winter is coming.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Another summer at La Sirena, another set of fabulous memories and even fabulous-er friends.

Yesterday I packed up all my stuff, swept out what might have been half the world's ant population from my room, had a little cry (probably the hangover from the previous night's staff meal...), said my goodbyes and caught the bus to Barcelona.

I haven't blogged properly since I've been here because of wifi issues and because I'm sure no one wants to read about my six days of work a week on one small boat (hint: gets a bit repetitive). That doesn't mean nothing's happened though.

L'Estartit is a small town, there's no great night life, no real shopping, no cinema and none of the other things you generally rely on to amuse yourself. I was rarely bored though - after work meant the beach bar, or the cantina for happy hour or simply cooking dinner together and taking 3 hours over it rather than us all rushing to eat and go watch TV or go to the gym (just me?). It's rare you get such an opportunity to distance yourself...but last year I even somehow managed to miss the whole Olympics. No mean feat, considering I was hit by a ton of patriotism almost as soon as I stepped foot off the plane in Bristol.

I'm already hoping I get this chance again next year.

See you next year L'Estartit!

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