Mauerpark Flea Market, Berlin

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sunday morning in Berlin and there's no time for sleeping in (despite rolling in at 6 this morning), not when there's a muddle of vintage and knick knacks to filter through.

Call a Car Boot sale a Flea Market and you give yourself +10 cool points and +10 cool points for your clientèle. Mauerpark flea market pulls up trumps on the real goods though: vintage furniture, clothes, trinkets, name it, they have it from 50 years ago. Although the best stalls are evidently woven into a thread work of general tat and and stolen bikes, it doesn't take much hunting to find yourself a bargain or two. 

The market is huge, rows of stalls go back for hundreds of metres and every available square metre is overflowing with goods and, around the best stalls, there's hardly room to poke an elbow past the thriftiest shoppers. If you're poor, like me, you can just go to people watch as the market attracts possibly every Hipster in Berlin and everyone's trying to outdo one another in the fashion stakes. 

After a frustrating hour trawling the stalls for things I couldn't afford, I decided to put aside my financial concerns in the favour of food (who needs clothes when you can eat?) and bought the most incredible Turkish feta wrap. I have no idea what the wrap itself was made from but it was possibly the most delicious thing ever invented.

You want one, don't you? Well you'll have to find this woman because I've forgotten the name of the place. She's handing them out though.

We ate our wraps cross legged on the huge expanse of grass outside the market and waited eagerly for the karaoke to start. We needn't have been so eager; the karaoke started late at around 3:30pm and the participants ranged from dreadful to disastrous. Better to set yourself up near the entrance, where the best buskers can repair the ear damage caused by the karaoke. 

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