Burgermeister, Berlin

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Have you ever eaten a burger out of a converted former public toilet? No? Well, truth be told I han't either until I came to Berlin. 

Despite its dubious location on a traffic island under a u-Bahn station, Burgermeister has rapidly transformed itself from a public convenience facility to the place to be for a cheap gourmet style burger or after bar snack. Bite into one of their juicy cheeseburgers and distract yourself from thinking about where it was cooked by dipping your crispy chips in some tasty mango chutney dip. 

Fabulous as it is, this probably won’t be the best burger you’ll eat in Berlin, but it will definitely be the best value for money at under 4€ for any of the burgers and just €1.70 for a small portion of chips. Also on the menu are two variations of veggie burgers, including the delectable mushroom burger, and a wide selection of cold beers and soft drinks. Everything is al fresco here, so come on a nice day and eat your burger stood up (if you can get a table) like a true Kreuzberg local.

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