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Thursday, July 11, 2013

High maintenance as I can sometimes be, I have easily slipped back into the laid back camp site lifestyle of last summer. I have a little room at the back of the camp site with the bare minimum in terms of furniture: two beds and a cupboard with no actual shelves. It's been described as a "hovel" in a past life but it's my hovel. And who really cares when two steps outside your door you have a patio with a table often laden with beers and packets of crisps and chairs filled with friendly faces when you return home from a long (hard) day at work? Instead of coming home and sinking it to a sofa, I collapse into a plastic chair, feet up on another because, who cares, everything's a bit grubby anyway and crack open a cold beer. Bliss!

Something about living here definitely agrees with me: the mess, the scruffy hair, the flip flops which appear to have become organically attached to my feet and, most importantly, the social life. Last night we had a huge barbecue to celebrate a staff members birthday; 6kg of meat (and im talking MEAT), an endless supply of beer and crisps and a very celebrated selection of garlic bread made by a talented English girl who I won't name. Jaw ache, greasy fingers and a mountain of German potato salad later, we were sat on the chairs or on the floor as someone whipped out a guitar and treated us to a little musical accompaniment. In serious of danger of sounding like a massive hippy here, but maaaaaan was I happy sat there in the grass with a drink in hand and new friends from all over Europe around me. Peace and love. Or something....Was probably the wine.

I've only been here 10 days so far and already it's home again. Here's to another amazing summer!

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