Yooglers, Madrid

Thursday, June 20, 2013

You know how I said it was safe to say the weather was finally good?
Yeah...it wasn't.
But I'm going to persevere with the cold food blogs anyway because, hey, I figure the sun might actually eventually stay out. Seeing as we're in Spain. In June.

Yesterday I blogged about Kalúa which is undoubtedly my favourite place for ice cream. When I have a Fro-Yo craving, however, it's definitely Yooglers time.

You can find Yooglers at Plaza Espana, next to Starbucks and apparently also in New York! This makes perfect sense though as Yooglers is an American-style self service fro-yo place. Choose your fro-yo (natural, mandarin, lemon, snickerdoodle etc) and then choose your weapons from the wide selection of fruit, biscuit, sweety and chocolate toppings.

I seem to ALWAYS go for the classic chocolate, banana and strawberry combo with crushed biscuit on the top,

When you've loaded up your cup, then comes the scary bit. Pop your cup on the scales and try and guess how much it's going to come to. For a half full-three quarters cup you can expect to pay between 3.50€ and 4€, which seems expensive, but the same amount of fro yo elsewhere in Madrid is about the same and comes with much less in the toppings department.

Don't waste your money going elsewhere! Yooglers is the best, trust me I've done my research.

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