Sunset at the Templeo de Debod

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Templeo de Debod, donated by Egypt in 1968 for Spain's help in the UNESCO bid to save their ancient history, is perhaps one of the most underrated tourist attractions in Madrid. It's mentioned in all the guide books but only as a side note and they never quite tell you that it's the atmosphere around it that makes it my favourite place in Madrid. In summer, there's barely a patch of grass to spare as couples and friends lay sprawled out in the shade of the swaying palm trees.

Having lived here for the last 9 months, it's pretty shameful that I've never managed to make it to the sunset though. In summer, the sun sets around 9pm which you wouldn't think would interfere with dinner time, but once you've converted to Spanish eating times you'll probably notice the sky darken around you as you tuck into your starter. Mañana, mañana. We'll see the sunset mañana.

Well, for once, mañana actually came around and we made it! 

Walking over to the temple, everything suddenly becomes bathed in a dusky pink light. The sight of the palace towering over the rest of Madrid is even more spectacular at this time of night.

We parked ourselves on a bench as the area slowly filled up with spectators and the sun dipped towards the mountains. 

This is definitely something you need to see before you leave Madrid.

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