Montanejos, Valencia

Friday, June 28, 2013

Deep in the hills on the outskirts of Valencia a spectacular sight awaits you. Curving along through the winding roads which lead you to the tiny little town of Montanejos in the north of the Communidad de Valencia, you’re treated to stunning views of the rolling pine tree-lined countryside as you park up on top of a hill and take in the beautiful vista of the natural springs of Montanejos. This is some Pocahontas stuff.

The natural springs have been a source of enjoyment for locals for hundreds of years but are still relatively removed from the tourist trail. The springs can only be accessed easily by car and directions are scarce on the route but this means that on arrival, you’re treated to your own slice of private paradise. Crystal blue waters shimmer in the dramatic deep gorge which is bathed in sunlight until late in the evening. During the summer, the water is warm enough for swimming and sliding in from the smooth rocks and toboggans which surround it and it’s the high quality clarity of this water that makes the gorge so breath-taking.

Exploring the smaller natural pools and hiking trails that surround it, you’ll find fish and warmer areas for swimming and sunbathing. Or for making spears to catch some fish, whatever you're in to.

For the more adventurous traveller, the local town also offers rock climbing, horse riding and hiking. Montanejos provides a real taste of getting back to nature and makes a perfect day trip from Valencia at just 1 hour and 15 minutes in the car. Complete bliss and a great alternative to the beach!

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