Lemon Cream Cheese Cupcakes

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Today, I've been invited along to a brunch for people I don't know. It's pot luck so I had to make something to bring. PANIC. My baking skills had also been previously discussed. PRESSURE.

Panic and pressure are not two ingredients you need when you're baking cakes so I chose something simple, something infallible, and something nice and summery. Voilá, the lemon cream cheese cupcake was born.

I started off with just a simple lemon sponge recipe that I found here. The recipe says it makes 14 but this must be 14 tiny cakes because when I made it I only got 7. I didn't buy new gingham cases to only make 7 cupcakes! I could eat 7 right now. So I doubled it for a slightly more acceptable number of 14. Adjust the cooking time to around 18-20 minutes for the bigger cakes.

When they were out and cooled, I cut the centre out of half of them with a sharp knife. Keep the bits of cake that you've cut out.

Fill the holes with a cream cheese icing:

200g of icing sugar,
1 large tbsp cream cheese (I used light)
1 large tbsp softened butter
Good squeeze of lemon juice

Change the quantities of the icing to your taste but make the sure icing is thick enough that it doesn't run off the spoon too easily.

When they're filled, take the bits of cake you cut out and slice off the spongy part, just leaving the crispier top as a flat disk. Cut it in half and place them vertically on top to create butterfly cakes. It's not going to win any beauty contests but you get a great big bite of icing with every bite. Mmmm.

For the other half of the cakes, smooth the icing on carefully with a spoon and, before it sets, take a slice of lemon and cut the individual triangular segments into mini lemon slices to decorate.

Display pretentiously on the balcony (optional) and enjoy (not optional).


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