La Finca de Susana, Madrid

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Yesterday arrived the day that we had all been dreading. I've been having sleepless night for weeks. Breaking down in tears on the Metro. Not eating, wandering listless through the streets.

Rachel was leaving us. Going back. FOREVER.

My English kindred spirit is selfishly leaving us to drive a camper van around America with her boyfriend on Monday. So, drying our tears, we decided to give her a spectacular send off with lunch at La Finca de Susana.

Famous for it's high quality food and great atmosphere without the frightening price tag, La Finca de Susana is not exactly Madrid's best kept secret. The lunch menu is just 10,35€ for three courses, a small personal jug of wine or water and bread. To start, I chose the tostaditas de crema de garbanzos with a fresh green salad from the menu which also included croquetas de atún y calabacín (tuna and courgette croquets), a spring salad and paella. The humous was not like humous I've ever had before (it's difficult to find good humous in Spain) but it was delicious all the same. Humous.

The secound course options included dados de atún con verduras (tuna with vegetables), pollo asado con patatas (roasted chicken with potatoes) and the hot favourite of the group, costillas con salsa de miel y mostaza (ribs with a honey mustard sauce). It normally comes served with cous cous but they were more than happy to change my cous cous for chips. Try not to judge me, I had a bad experience with Moroccan food, OK?!

To round it off, we had púdin de chocolate, or coffee for Jack, who claims not to like sweet things. Strange boy. In this case he probably made the right decision; the dessert was distinctly average after the mains. One day, I hope to find a good dessert on a Spanish menú del día. If anyone can help me with this, you would possibly make my life.

The lighting was perfect to take photos of my new muses Jack and Etonde as we finished our wine and rounded of our meal without being rushed out by the waiters. As a leaving gift, I gave Rachel, Emilio and Crystal place mats with my face on so they can look at me every time they eat. I'm kind like that!

In all seriousness it was sad to see Rachel leave, not only because we're losing our honorary fifth housemate but because it's a worrying reminder that we'll all soon be leaving. Stop the train, I want to get off please?!

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