Happy Hour at La Tierra, Madrid

Friday, June 07, 2013

Two words. Happy. Hour.

OK, maybe a few more words. Last weekend I think we probably spent 40% of the weekend drinking, 40% eating and 20% shopping. It was a perfect, if pricey, weekend. Luckily, we're no fools and we know that if we want something a little more fancy than a caña and a pile of stale crispswe need to find ourselves a happy hour. By chance, the perfect one is just round the corner from our flat on Calle Guzman el Bueno, 4-8pm at La Tierra. 

My friends had disappeared off a few times to this mysterious La Tierra and returned to the flat with huge stuffed burritos bursting out of the foil they were so big. I had presumed they were buying them from some greasy spoon down the road so when I finally gave in and agreed to try my first American style burrito I was blown away by how beautifully decorated and stylish the restaurant is. Restaurant! Not kebab shop!

I was converted by the rustic and cosy interior and the way they make simple, hearty, eat until you're so full you can't breathe food seem sophisticated. Eating that burrito with you're little finger in the air kind of place. Probably with a bit of guacamole in your hair.

This time though, we had only one thing on our mind and they came ice cold, strawberry fresh and served in jam jars so salty they make your eye brows raise.

That's a strawberry margarita in a jam jar, Who would have thought it? I'm not a huge fan of margaritas but adding strawberry to stuff is something that I AM a huge fan of. And for 9.95€ a pitcher, sign me up.

This is not a big secret, the place is jam packed with Americans come 9pm, but Happy Hour was nice and peaceful. At least until we arrived and the fourth jug of margaritas had been consumed..

Things got a bit rowdy after that.

P.S Incidentally, I just got home from another great Happy Hour deal...try TGI Fridays 6-8pm for cocktails under 5€. A mini jug of my favourite white sangria is just 2€!

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