BioParc, Valencia

Sunday, June 30, 2013

My absolute favourite place on my Erasmus year in Valencia (apart from the beach and the bar) was BioParc. After one trip and one stroke of a giraffe's tickely soft nose, I was totally hooked.

BioParc is a safari style zoo with no cages and no walls to keep the animals in. Instead, the enclosures are built to reflect the animals natural habitat and they are prevented from leaving by streams or paths they can't cross. You can get much more up and personal with the animals than at your every day zoo.

There's even a lemur island, where you can walk around, metres from furry balls of baby lemurs wrapped up in their mothers' tails.

When I was on Erasmus in Valencia, I had a year pass which cost me 34€ and meant I could go whenever I liked, weekends or weekdays. Nothing can cheer up a hangover like a baby hippo swimming towards its mummy. This year, with the crisis, they've lowered the price even further so it's now 25€ for a year ticket or 15€ to visit at the weekend!

Definitely worth an visit and way out does the Oceanografic, which is overpriced and not as fun!

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