Puente de Mayo

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I have the post-puente blues in a big way. But if that's the price you pay for such a glorious weekend of relaxation and sunshine, I'll take it!

This weekend was everything a good long weekend should be: food, sunshine, friends and rum so strong you don't even want to drink it.

Giddy with new found freedom and time to waste, I had a go at some home made pizza (dough base recipe here).

...and followed it up with some delicious Snickers and Kinder Bueno ice cream from my favourite heladeria in Madrid (which deserves it's own blog post frankly). Here I met Rachel's lovely friends who were staying for the weekend and who I hitched onto like nobody's business. 

Feeling in need of some gentle exercise, we headed to Retiro Park to hire rowing boats and laze around on the water.

...or at least that's what I got to do anyway...

The following day we once again indulged our sporty sides and rented a court in Retiro for a few games of doubles. The courts are fantastic and only 7€ for an hour. Look how happy they are.

That evening, we put on our glad rags and made our way somewhat unsteadily to Moondance after a few jugs of sangria, only to be further inebriated by the infamous Spanish drinks measures. That's not a trick of the light, my drink is actually that see-through. I blame this entirely for my 6am pizza gorge at the 24 pizza place in Sol.

On Saturday we once again ended up in Retiro, despite my previous snobbery about it. Hungover, Rachel repeatedly told me that she was "dying" while eating a plastic wrapper full of cold croquetas. Not her finest moment.

So we decided to make a home made Katsu curry to make ourselves feel better. Considering we had only 1 of the 4 called for spices, it turned out pretty well with a bit of improvisation. It's also a healthy recipe hallelujah! You can find it here.

To round of the weekend we saved the best for last: tickets in the sunny sunny Caja Mágica stadium to watch the Madrid Open. Originally we expected to see Venus and Serena Williams but unfortunately Venus had to pull out at the last minute due to a back injury. We didn't mope about though, we used this valuable time out to take some photos with a giant comedy tennis racket and scope out the food sitch.

Settling down into our great (9€!!) seats we slathered on the sun tan lotion and waited for the legend herself: Serena Williams. It was a great match against a young Kazakh player who put up an amazing fight, resulting in a tie break in the first set.

We then headed out to the smaller courts to watch Laura Robson in a doubles match. Clearly there weren't many Brits there on Sunday because we bagged front row seats to the show and Robson's foul mouth. (They lost).

If there's one thing Spain does well, it's bank holidays.

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