El Tigre Madrid

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Every madrileño worth their salt know about El Tigre. Where you can get all this....

For the price of this....

Yep. An extra large Tinto de Verano or Mojito and groaning plates of tapas for just 6€.

Honestly, the food is absolute cack; it's like the place where good tapas goes to die. Don't be in any doubt about that. But the day before payday, 6€ for drinks and so much bread you can't even eat it starts to sound pretty tempting. The patatas bravas could actually even be described as "tasty" and if you wink at the waiter enough he might keep bringing you more.

We met up last night for the despedida of Luke, who's going back to America early. The topic of conversation was mainly on the upcoming puente. My housemates are leaving me for a trip to Italy, the lucky devils, and I'm staying here in Madrid to do all the things I haven't had time to do yet. That's a nice way of spinning the fact that I was too poor for Italy right?

Today marks the 50 day count down of my time in Madrid, which is pretty terrifying. Lots of exciting things to come but I will miss these faces!

Better make the most of it then!

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