Denia, Spain

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I feel like I'm tempted to begin all my blog posts like this but I'll use my quota for this one: this weekend was one of the best, funnest (can you tell I'm an English teacher?), most relaxing, most thought provoking weekends I've had in a long time.

We decided to hire a car again and drive down to the beach in Denia, Valencia to mark Rachel's last weekend and also the arrival of our new housemate, Anna. Denia in May is a small sleepy town, one of many similar tourist spots which dot along the Valencian coast. It's more easily accessible by car than by bus or train from Madrid but it's still a good four hour drive to get there. We arrived very late on Thursday, after the battery died on all three of the iPhones in the car, leaving us without a map and without much hope of finding the campsite in the pitch black darkness. One hour and three undignified pitstops to pee in the bushes later, we finally found the Los Llanos campsite and checked in to our cosy little cabin.

A weekend of pure relaxation ensued.

We spent the first morning battling the breeze on the deserted sandy beach located just 800m from the campsite. Eventually giving up, we headed to the sheltered pool area and passed the day quietly lazing by the rippling bright blue water which had a erm...crisp freshness which could take your breath away. (It was bloody cold).

Camping Los Llanos is the perfect Denia holiday rental and didn't disappoint, the staff were friendly, even after we arrived at 2:15am, and the pool was clean, crystal blue and well maintained. Our cabin slept 5 people and came in at just 11.50€ each a night. We had our own shower and toilet but the shower blocks were plentiful and just a few hundred metres away.

One of the highlights was the great big brick barbecues two cabins down from ours which we quickly monopolised for the whole weekend.

Anna, Crystal and Rachel set to work chopping up veggies and dressing salads...

Meanwhile, always one to get covered in charcoal and barbecue fumes, Emilio and I talked BBQ politics and drank ice cold beer from the bar. 

As they say, teamwork makes the dream work and soon we were all sitting down to a feast of burgers, hotdogs, roasted vegetables and mountains of bread all washed down with White Sangria and topped off with a barbecued banana stuffed with chocolate and marshmallow.

The banana might not look like much there, but I promise you it was heaven on Earth. We had a few more glasses full of the white sangria and decided it was really for the best to just not set our alarms for the next day...

When we woke up, we ate breakfast in the sunshine on the porch and jumped in the car to go in search of Les Rotes beach, a string of five beaches which includes a sandy cove, a long beach of soft sand and even a nudist beach. 

We stopped briefly at the cove but, deciding we needed a bigger adventure, we soon hopped back into the car on the look out for something a little more spectacular...

In the evening, we wrapped up in warm clothes and blankets and wandered down to the beach. General conversation revolved around how lucky we are to be living this life and how non of us are quite sure if we're ready to let it end. Crystal and Emilio are heading back to the States not entirely sure they've seen the whole of Europe, as originally planned. Rachel has an American road trip to look forward before heading back to the UK. I am still undecided, floating somewhere between the camps of continuing my adventure and craving a life of domestic normality. Flats with carpets, arguing with someone in IKEA. That kinda thing. 

Frankly though, after this weekend, I'm thinking screw IKEA.

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