Thursday, May 30, 2013

On the way home this weekend, we were racing the clouds back to Madrid. Denia's beautiful blue skies turned overcast and then grey the closer we got to the capital. Not quite yet ready to relinquish our holiday spirit though, we decided to stop for a picnic in the beautiful town of Cuenca on the way back to Madrid.

Madrid to Cuenca is simple by AVE train (from 23€) or by Avanza bus (12,40€) and takes between two-three hours. The bus is the better option, it's not only quicker, but cheaper too. By car it's roughly an hour and a half driving.

Cuenca is most famous for Las Casas Colgadas, a group of 14th century houses hanging precariously over a cliff face into the unknown. Parking at the bottom of the hill, we quickly regretted that decision as we scrambled up the hill to take in the view. Turning round the corner, the full scale of the lean of the houses is much clearer and the view is spectacular. 

Heading towards the colourful Plaza Mayor, you'll find a quiet square filled with restaurants and and small gift shops with a fairly unremarkable Spanish Cathedral presiding over it.

Maintining the uphill theme, keep walking until you come out upon a mirador which overlooks the lush green valley below.

We spent around an hour in Cuenca just wandering around and taking photos and took in most of the sights. It doesn't compare to Toledo or Segovia, but to break up the long drive it was the perfect round off to the weekend...

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