Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sitting high up and cloistered behind imposing city walls, the former Spanish capital of Toledo is a sight to behold as the bus from Madrid snakes up the winding modern roads. I took my parents on a mild Saturday at the end of November last year, one of those perfect Spanish winter days with gorgeous blue skies and barely a cloud in sight.

Toledo makes a perfect day trip from Madrid - its about an hour away and less than 10€ return on the bus. There's also much more to see than in some of the other nearby tourist traps that surround the city so it's well worth taking a day out of a long weekend in Madrid.

Once you've climbed the steep spiralling streets from the bus station you immediately become lost in the high walled cobbled streets that make up the old town. Though very tourist orientated, Toledo still retains its antique charm and special delicacies like the sickly sweet Mazápan stalls which line the streets.

Not my photo unfortunately - not a huge marzipan fan.

Toledo's position on a hill means that the beautiful surrounding countryside rolls out below you, stretching for miles and miles.

Sights to be seen include the cathedral (because what self respecting Spanish city doesn't have one?), and the Alcazar building which, though not quite as fairytale as its counterpart in Segovia, still dominates the Toledian skyline.

We stopped at a great little hill top bar near the Alcazar where we took advantage of the December sun and shed our coats and scarves.

After a disappointing menu del día (sparking further snobbery towards them) my dad convinced us to take the little tourist train that leaves from the main plaza and takes you on a short tour of the city followed by a trip to a great vantage point outside. Normally these petit train are not to my taste but Toledo is definitely at its most beautiful viewed from afar.

Bit worrying.

All in all, a beautiful day out with mis padres.

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