Circa Wunderkammer

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The circus is in Madrid and it's wearing lingerie and rolling around in bubble wrap.

Last night Rachel and I decided to do something that didn't involve tinto de verano (breaking our weekend tradition) and instead went to see the German acrobatic team Wunderkammer at the Teatro Price in Lavapies. Photos are strictly prohibido so please excuse the quality.

Although I could have half believed they were moving that fast.

The group is made up of six acrobats with varying talents, hoola-hooping, pole dancing and trapeze artistry amongst them. Some being more impressive than others admittedly. My favourite element was the music as it's a mostly mime and performance based show so the soundtrack was pivotal.

Rache;'s favourite part was the strip tease element. Obviously.

Cheap seats are 15€, no need to reserve in advance.

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