Going to the doctors in Spain

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So I promised you an insight into living in Spain so here we go…
I’ve actually lived in Spain for over a year now in total and never been in such dire need of the doctor that I’ve ever bothered to do the sensible thing and register at a GP practice. Mañana, mañana as the Spanish would say.
I’d actually half heartedly tried to go to the walk in clinic once before but when the receptionist pointed out that my EHIC expired three years ago I had to admit I had no response to that and just shuffled off, embarrassed. Who knew a valid EHIC was so important? I thought they were just one of those things you waved around for a free packet of Ibruprofen. Apparently not.
So lesson number 1 learnt, I sent off for a new EHIC after only a two week procrastination period. I’m growing as a person. Wielding my new EHIC and kind of expecting people to bow down in awe at the mighty power of the NHS system, I returned to face my nemesis at the walk in clinic reception. This time I passed her rigorous round of questioning with flying colours and made my way through those swinging double doors into the promised land. 
By the time I’d explained to three different people why I wanted to see the doctor, I’d almost forgotten why I was there at all and was transported into a survival mode akin to the one I went in to for my final year speaking exams. So when a spanner came flying through the air into my works I was aghast. After smugly thinking I’d avoided all that registering with doctors BS, I was told I couldn’t get any follow up treatment without a family doctors approval. 
So that’s next on my list. I’ll probably get it done by…May?

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