Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My dad always told me to never discuss money or how much you earn. Sorry Dad.
When I started this job as an English assistant and private tutor I had quite high hopes of finally getting out of debt to my parents and to that beautiful establishment Natwest who have been throwing free money and rail cards at me since 2008. I worked out I owed about 2000€ in total. So far (6 months) I have paid off about 400€. To say it's not going well would be an understatement. My intercambio, who works in a bank, and is not much older than me but never fails to make me feel like a total financial mess decided in the end that he couldn't bear to watch me spiral further into debt so he made me write out a budget.
I was horrified by what I discovered. Horrified. I spend around 8€ a week on ham sandwiches. 130€ a month on eating out (that's not even including ham sandwiches!!!) and this is on top of my already expensive rent, bills, travel card, gym and phone. Something's got to give.The first thing that's gone out the window is the weekend trips to here there and everywhere. That's probably the thing that hurts the most...I've become accustomed to at least one holiday a month (even writing that, it doesn't sound ridiculous to me, that's how bad things have become). Why else do I drag myself to work for 8:30am if not for that wonderful weekend in Paris I have my eye on?
Unfortunately it is this attitude which is getting me nowhere on the savings front. Luckily I'd already booked a trip to Leicester before I had this crushing reality highlighted to me, so I do have a little holiday to look forward to muhaha. I feel like that's a small victory, at least. Apart from that though, its 500€ in the savings account every month from now on. I'll report back on the 31st March with my progress. I hope you have more faith in me than I have in myself.

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